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#Art and it’s ever Presence

#Art and it’s ever Presence

Good afternoon:-) As I start very soon into the studio where we are mixing down more samples for Film, I am thoughtful of the value of what we as artists do. Live in sacrifice and time given to express to you a value, for this time and beyond. To perhaps mirror the soul’s cry or the beauty overlooked. Art weaved in and through a culture in any time in history. Like thread for the making of the loose fabric that is loosing its thread count. As I create I am reminded that talent is one thing, and art that expresses from the soul is another. I hear much talk of love and I know that we are at a place on earth where we have experienced many things and in the balance have found love to be the weight on the scales. If the universal energy flows in waves, and these waves match the waves of love. If hatred and evil intent do not match these Universal waves then I can only surmise that the flow of the Universe is along the waves of love. That God proves to be love. That actions that are apart from actions based on love are not true and are based on something false in the Universal flow. It makes the actions of others easier to see. Just some thoughts today that I was thinking on. The whole idea of energy..well I would rather follow the flow of the Universal waves ie:” love my neighbour” and if one is unloving I can see that this is working from a false belief or a belief not based on the natural Universal flow. Then I would think of love and it’s definition..Anyways! Better get into the studio soon! Have a beautiful evening ! for now , Rachel

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