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Step in it’s Fine!

Step in it’s Fine!

As this day is winding down I am reflecting on my journey this far. It’s that balancing act of new territory and faith. Walking on the water so to speak means to focus on the object ahead and not the deep ocean floor. Taking a risk and stepping forward into an unknown possibility is stretching and broadening my comfort zone for sure! There are times on this path that faith will be put to the test. Belief into action. It’s always so much easier to theorize and formulate handy answers to life’s path, but walking the water of belief is where proof becomes one’s greatest case for truth’s discovered.  I suppose it’s really living, moving past the ordinary into the adventure. There are so many new and exciting opportunities ahead as I step in and feel the wind caress my face with newness and anticipation!  So much ahead!!  Have a beautiful evening! for now, Rachel 🙂

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