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Big Great Machine

Big Great Machine

What was he doing? We all looked and stared. A crowd around in a sun dazed glare. Way up! Way up! In the clouds somewhere, he balanced almost in thin cool air! A little boy he could not see? ” Up,  up!” his Mother said,” is he!”  We all cranked our heads and watched in awe as the man in plain air, well, did the SEE SAW!  He wavered here! And he wavered there! Balanced almost in the thin, cool air! Ohhh the crowd all said in chorus as the man teetered on a string …above the forest! And then as if it new, appeared the tip of a wing, was it always here?? In fact a massive BIG Machine! Just sitting there and looking keen! A machine that purred a loud low roar, and waited for the man “por vor!” We wondered at his venture there…how it felt to balance in thin air? So we all held our breath ( as if it too,would help)  except when our eyes glanced when Charlies dog did yelp! And then it happened the man did climb inside the top of the machine sublime. A big large tip and then maybe two, could be seen by us as up, up! It flew. 🙂

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