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Inside the New

Inside the New

Good evening! As I have been working on a new song I wrote this morning I just took a break and read a blog from someone I have known for some time, via: the internet. Change in his life and good for him. As I journey on with my music this gift to me, I know that I have so much music to give. But I don’t think the journey is meant to reach a certain destination. At least not for me, I feel that the destination is to have faith in what one knows to be true. Every day is new and changing. Every day can hold unknown treasures or sorrows. I feel the destination for my journey is to know that what I am believing is true. Something connected to the soul. A peace on the path…A mindset based on truth.  So as this year takes its new and exciting changes I am anticipating so many great discoveries, musically and personally! It is a great state of mind:-) And everything unfolds in its time…! Looking forward ! Have a beautiful evening:-) Rachel 🙂

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