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Busy May we Be!

Busy May we Be!

Good morning! I hope you are able to enjoy the busyness of this wonderful season! In some ways one never knows when opportunity will arise. I find that the waves and rhythm of life will come at unexpected moments. For me, catching that moment, like a surfer catches a wave, is so great for one’s learning curve:-) Like a surfer balanced and focused on a wave is able to enjoy the joy of the ride! It might be a bit stretching and one could just fall off into the water! So to speak, but for myself, it is exhilarating when the rhythm of life creates a wave and presents a learning curve!  Ohh! So I stay on the wave! and gain that wonderful moment in life’s journey! Busy we may be, but loving and giving is a great wave! Have a beautiful day! for now, Rachel 🙂

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