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The Green Beans in the Dilly Jar

The Green Beans in the Dilly Jar

One summer I laid a garden down, all nice and in a straight row. I put the seeds into the ground and labeled the vegetables and waited. The season ran its course and all of my beautiful work had created many new and fresh items to eat. “Great” I thought and began to harvest. “This time”, I said to myself, “I want to try to make Dilly beans and can them in a jar.” And so, I did. Being creative I thought I would make them special and use a fancy vinegar, and so I did. And then I waited. After waiting I thought for a very long time,  I opened a jar and began to taste one long, crisp green bean. “Ug!” It tasted awful. All that work and waiting, and it tasted awful. I was so disappointed, all of my anticipation, my expectation was let down and I felt really frustrated. I guess I’ll just throw it all out. I thought. I gathered all of the Dilly bean jars and put them on the table to throw away. “Don’t throw them out” someone said. “Wait. Put them back on the shelf and wait.” I wasn’t too sure about that idea, but so I did. I put them back on the shelf and I waited. And I waited, and I waited. After the waiting was not needed anymore, I took a small jar off of the shelf. Half unsure, I opened the jar and hesitantly pulled out a small green bean. I took a tiny piece into my mouth and tasted. I tasted again. It was incredibly delicious! It was amazing! It tasted better than I had ever thought it could taste!

Sometimes waiting is the hardest part in life. Not being impatient, and having expectations that are before their time. Not being disappointed with a moment, thinking it should be something it is not intended to be until it’s time.  I think we are always waiting for one reason or another on the journey and I am learning to wait with grace. I am beginning to understand that waiting is almost like a quality to be embraced to wait well. For the journey unfolds in time as I learn the art of waiting in style. 🙂

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