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A Bird’s Broken Wing

A Bird’s Broken Wing

Good afternoon:-) I am reflecting today, as yesterday was full of wonderful things and also some very sad interactions. I know that for many the journey is a place that is just plain hard, full of struggle and unhappiness. When I listen to people pour out their struggles I am hurting with them in their pain. Sometimes our pain is self-induced. For example, I can see how some problems in say, a person’s relationship can be solved but the bad habits that they just can’t leave alone, ruin the joy they could be living in. Choices we all make in life, and the results that will follow. I have been through my own valleys as we all travel down sometimes but we can come out of them. When I wrote Broken “The Best of Zest” Vol II I discovered a wonderful secret. The way to wisdom and understanding isn’t based upon our ability to achieve but from a broken heart. God in His great design moves us from our own broken selves into His strength. It’s the great exchange. From brokeness comes wisdom. So when life is just a big mountain to climb, it is a wonderful discovery to find that our great journey starts from broken. It is not to be feared but to be realized. A journey really begins from broken. I wish you a beautiful day:-) for now, Rachel 🙂

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