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Good morning! Before I head into the studio to work on my music, I just wanted to say Happy Remembrance Day and Thank YOU to the BRAVE!  Also just a note about my tune Poppies I wrote. When I wrote it , it had a very different tempo than what you can hear recorded. It was slower than how I wrote it. The producer at the time chose to change the tune a bit. I never really loved the change but went with the transformation.  You can find Poppies on Zorobabel song #4. I am preparing right now to record a set of new music, and am also feeling the need to write some more tunes as well. One day , I would perhaps like very much to re-record Poppies for you the way I created it. So many more songs waiting and so first things first! I wish you a very beautiful day!!! for now, Rachel 🙂

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