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Love those Vibrations!

Love those Vibrations!

Good afternoon! As I have been working on my music and also playing locally, I have been instructed on the idea of vibrations and music, well, vibrations and all things really. It is very fascinating and as a music maker, it reminds me of how incredible we are and how we function in tune with the Universe. How it all ties together..maybe we are just one big Song!  It has been shown that fear vibrates in an opposite wave then the “flow of the Universe” where love falls into all of the right rhythms. So very interesting and I can see how important it is to be true to one’s sound that they create as well as in tune universally. So many incredible mysteries to discover. I am looking forward to trying some sounds relating to these great finds. Meanwhile, I have been playing locally and it feels good to share with others. Like the young man in the wheel chair I met today. When I can make a difference in their life, it really makes my day 🙂  So I am wishing that your day is going very well and that you can find love, not fear to be your motivator in the week to come 🙂  Have a beautiful day! for now, Rachel 🙂

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