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Open Mic in the Rockies…:-)

Open Mic in the Rockies…:-)

It was a cold and drizzly evening. Darkness had set in and part of me wanted to curl up with a blanket and cozy up inside. But when others may be settling in I grabbed my guitar and headed down the steps readying myself for a late night performance. The small hole in the wall pub was dimly lite and a few patrons sat at the bar or in the little tables scattered around the room. The pool table sat under the light and I thought how I might like a game or two. We were early and so pool it was. What a good way to warm up my hands and familiarize myself with the local surroundings.  In came a small framed musician to set up the open mic scene. Curtains in front of the dim lights , a sound set the stage. An elderly couple sat drinking their spirits, and reading the news in the dimly lite room.

The stage was set and the first man up broke the silence by playing cover tunes we all knew so well. A handful of patrons entered the small pub chatting and finding a spot to mingle and listen to the music. Soon it was my turn. I hadn’t played public in a while and my new material was what I wanted to share. A bit nervous I could feel my blood running and my heart skip a beat. No one had heard these new tunes and a bit of anticipation set in. A few songs,  I thought , no big deal. The guitar I used was not my own, as my little guitar I had brought with me didn’t have a pick up. “Hello everyone!” I said “Thank you for having me here, I am going to play for you a few of my new tunes that I am in the middle of recording”. I started in. I played the first song and the room became silent. They were really listening. Everyone clapped, a few more people came into the small venue, “Play another one!” They said. I played my next new song and thought that was my turn. “Play another one!” They said..”Really, Okay!” I said and played on and on as they small gathering clapped and prodded!. It was a wonderful experience for us all! The reception was so positive and I felt so honored to be so appreciated that night 🙂

The red glow of the dusky light lay on the weathered wooden bar and the night played out to be a special moment in time.

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