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Month: October 2016

Open Mic in the Rockies…:-)

It was a cold and drizzly evening. Darkness had set in and part of me wanted to curl up with a blanket and cozy up inside. But when others may be settling in I grabbed my guitar and headed down the steps readying myself for a late night performance. The small hole in the wall pub was dimly lite and a few patrons sat at the bar or in the little tables scattered around the room. The pool table sat...
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Recording so great!

Good evening! So very tired but so happy and had to say hello to you as we are working on my new songs.! I have a really wonderful lead guitar player that will be adding to the next song we are making so I am finding it so great and all! Anyways! Music is a great place to go! Lots of love to yOu for now, Rachel :-)
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Through Misty Morn

A thick fog laid low like a carpet of blur, hanging as if unsure of its next move. One's eyes squint to focus through the trees raised hands. Vision blurred from the atmospheric bloom. Warm embers of a fire half started, yet to ignite into warmth as it dried the misty melancholy of the new day. Good morning! Just to let you know, we have started recording. It is going well and I look forward to...
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Swirling World and Morning Sun

Good morning! I hope all is well with you! I am getting ready to prepare again for recording very soon :-) I'm also really anticipating some great sound coming to these new songs. I have some really amazing musicianship that will be happening. Also getting my own performing videos ready to share with you. Lots of great things ahead I say :-)  Music such a gift, such a treasure...where a swirling...
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