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Good morning! As I say that to YOU, I can see the frost covering my lawn as icing sugar on a cupcake! As seasons change there is always an excitement and anticipation that goes along with it! The cold weather has its beauty too. A cozy allure that wants one to simply settle in and be creative for a while! I was thinking this morning about my cd. Zorobabel. You know, when I made that cd, it was a compilation of producers. I was thinking specifically about the song I wrote called “Rest” Song # 1 on Zorobabel. When I wrote that song, I got into my old car and drove to Vancouver to meet with Spencer Capier. I had never met Spencer before but found his studio. He is a very talented guy. I played a few songs for him. He loved “Beauty in Grey Windows” which we did record as well as “Out in the Atmosphere” and “Psalm 71” but when I played “Rest” for Spencer well it wasn’t his favourite. But I really to this day like it. I know that when we think of rest or peace we think of calm and serene and would expect the sound to follow. But at that time, when I wrote “Rest” I had to really come through to reach rest. What I mean is that rest comes from a place in our soul, a place of peace,  without earning or striving. It seemed as if everything in my life and the ideals of success or accomplishment or self-worth were set up  from a place of absolute un-rest. That all the voices were saying that this was the way and yet in my spirit I knew it wasn’t. I think that when a person  goes through great trial truths seem to surface more readily.  Pain is a window, so to speak.  I did anyways. So it was kind of like the struggle to find rest, or the fight to overcome a situation to come into peace. Inner peace. Peace we throw around today and long for but I think peace comes from within, the God connection, that ties us to eternity with promise. So I love the song I wrote “Rest” as my soul was able to pass through all of the lies and un-rest to find that place of peace. The rocky music was for me perfectly tied to the soul that overcomes the suffering that life brings and finds the sweet spot of life, the place of peace. I hope your day goes really well. Just thought I would share my thoughts with you today!

Lots of new tunes ahead 🙂

for now, Rachel 🙂

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