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Let them eat Cotton Candy

Let them eat Cotton Candy

Little did the pipples of Small life know that there was a story behind the promised sugar and sweets.  It was a simple afternoon, so they thought, as they dreamed of all of the delights a’comin their way. Behind and not too far away, a large ship set sail to the village of pipples. They had heard this ship was coming and they anticipated all of the promised cotton candy they could eat! They danced and jigged and jizzled a tune as the shimmering lights grew dim in the misty a’ moon. The pipples fell weary and soon fast asleep and the jizzled a tune grew quiet in the misty a’ moon. So all through the night the large ship sailed the seas and landed on shore in the fresh morning breeze.  Well, a wee bit a’ groggy the pipples woke soon and ran to the shore line still whistlin’ a tune. In smug dark cloaks the landed ships crew, one by one walked the plank with the ship stench of racoon. They handed out candy and treats every one, each hearts desire the pipples did dance like baboons. They ate and they danced while the dark cloaks eyes grew to a yellow and then red in the misty a’ moon. Oh the pipples they thought they had finally arrived to enjoy all the treats that their little hearts desired. But as time kept its measure and the dark cloaks watched on, sadly the pipples grew weak and fell sickness upon. And now it was what the dark cloaks eyes all red, were waiting for in fact had gotten fresh out of bed! As the pipples limped weakly around Small life’s paths, the dark cloaks then dragged them all off, corralled, taken over, how sad. For the pipples no longer had strength to dance or jig to a tune. No the pipples grew weak in the misty a’ moon.

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