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In the In-Between

In the In-Between

Good morning! I hope this day finds you well. As I reflect today,  I find that there are those gaps that the journey requires. Those steps that one has to size up and take a jump to reach the next step! It feels that way sometimes on this musical journey. So many new opportunities as I prepare my new material. I think it is sometimes easy to want to rush into a project , but I feel it is better to create a piece that is worthy. When someone hears the finished product, they hear just that! In all of its simple beauty.  The artist knows that the amount of work and dedication that piece took is like climbing a mountain! The top is a small example of the mountains whole…and sure! The top is exciting to see! So the in the In-Between I would seek to enjoy its own beauty for what it is. To find the treasures there. ! Have a beautiful day 🙂  for now

Rachel 🙂

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