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Roundabout #2

Roundabout #2

The voice that nearly shouted in Bo’s face woke him up from his daydreaming with a start! He unwillingly got up from his chair and walked into the line. Bo fell deep into thought as he waited for the roll call to end. This wasn’t what he had dreamed of doing. This place was a far cry from his ideal. How did it all happen? His high hopes and hard work had led him to such a place as this? As Bo was thinking his thoughts soon became filled with the nearby voice of the man in charge. The day had begun and Bo had better get moving.  He started down the hallway with the rest of them, when suddenly the building’s lights shut down with a loud crashing sound. Bo couldn’t see anything except for a small pin light that was blaring out to him from a near by door. He felt his way over to the hall wall and moved closer to the tiny, calling light. His hand reached over and stumbled upon the half opened door,  pushed it open and couldn’t believe his eyes.

(to be continued ) 🙂

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