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Month: June 2016

Couldn’t be Finer…!

Good afternoon :-) Hope you're doing great! Since I have shifted direction I have found myself gaining more and more motivation once again! I can really see how we are all gifted in certain ways and that is definitely defined by what creates energy and joy in us! I love to create music and paint and create in other ways.  I think every one of us has gifts and talents and ways to be energized. I...
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Fresh New Day!

Good morning! I hope you're very well! This morning started out so beautifully as I woke to a sunshiny day and fresh coffee and then had the time to sit and just play my tunes. There is something really priceless about those moments. As I was playing my songs I realized that my energy for these new tunes is vibrant and my passion to pursue them is only growing! That's the mystery of music. It...
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Tip! Tip tappidy TTip!

Oh! It's left foot in the air! Oh! It's right foot! Unaware!! Ohhh! I feel like dancin..!!!   Good morning! So many new and wonderful things to do!! Have a super day! for now, Rachel! :-)
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Credence curls

Misty skies and drops of dew Credence thou so small so few Doth curl around thy cozy den To rest in love so true.   Have a beautiful day! I will be picking up my geetar!! :-)  
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Roundabout #5

So swiftly Bo crept along the narrow edge, feeling the deep hole that lay below him. He knew his destiny was infolded in his need to focus upon the note held dearly in his pocket. It drew him for some unknown reason, he felt its compelling and wandered on. All he could hope for was that the light ahead was leading him somewhere worthy. His feet began to tire and his hands felt the pain of...
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