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Mountains To Plains

Mountains To Plains

Good afternoon! It has been so far a rich day for me, as I have finished another painting! I think I will tweet it and call it “Garden Party”.  I feel rich today. I have been discovering lately. Why do we climb mountains? What is in this challenging endeavor, that we need so to walk this pathway. It is full of many challenges and seemingly wrong turns, this I know,  but on the road to discovery, we are seeking to help others and there comes a time when seeking we find! Sometimes we just find ourselves and it is us who is being created and readied to understand why we are here! I know for myself, I could not possibly have understood my place, and of course I am still discovering this abstract truth, if I had not but walked the mountain, so to speak. These abstract truths, ” reason”, “purpose”,”value”, “beauty”, “fulfilment”,  they all appear so abstract and beyond us , almost dreamy, until we find the path narrows to a place where one becomes certain of the way for their own life! It is the most rewarding revelation and creates a great anticipation for the days ahead! I guess we can only see the picture the closer we get to it. Once discovered the mountain turns to plains!

I hope you are on your road to discover the meaning of your own life, may we all share in the riches of a life well lived 🙂

ps! Just an update on recording !…the songs are coming along nicely! I have laid down a guitar track of my picking and also rhythm on the 12 string. Looking forward to sharing it with you!

for now

Rachel 🙂

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