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Opportunities in the Rough

Opportunities in the Rough

Good morning! How are YOU?  I hope your day is going well! As each day brings its new situations I like to take a moment and think on the possibilities that could come out of new forms of creating. Creating and work cannot be separated. Of course for the creator, it is pleasure as well. I was just handed an opportunity. It will require an amount of work, and there are no guarantee’s with this opportunity, but I can see it’s potential. I could just let it go by, but it is a means of helping someone else out too. So it can be a two-fold possibility. I am going to start working  on it today, as well as my own projects! Life is like that sometimes, just a gamble, or an un-known, but that is part of the adventure! Right! I know that I will learn from the experiences and will create in new ways! I am looking forward to this opportunity!  Spring has finally Sprung and I am anticipating joy in the journey! I hope you have a really beautiful day! for now

Rachel 🙂

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