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Buzzy little Fly

Buzzy little Fly

Good morning! No Foolin, it’s interesting how the brain works. Yesterday, I was out side in the sunshine playing my guitar and stopped for a minute. The sun in the sky was radiant but not too hot. There was a cool breeze flowing and a little fly came buzzing around my head. The temperature and the buzz of the fly took me back to a memory as a child. We were on an old river boat, heading up to a First Nations village on a warm sunny day. The breeze was soft and the lake was peaceful. I remember climbing out of the river boat and while we kids waited, we played with the First Nations children at the village.  The village had a sense of isolation but simple living and something comfortable about it all. There was (in my mind) a big field of green grass and we all played in the sunshine and the gentle breeze! It is a memory that stuck in my brain because it was a very pleasant time that we all had.  🙂

Back to today! The sun is a shinin’ and I am working on my music! I hope you have a great weekend!

for now

Rachel 🙂

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