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Month: April 2016

Stronger Than

Stronger than the mountains climbing Deeper than the ocean's blue Farther than my highway driving Love beyond this Universe flew Paint a song and sing it too Paint a song and sing it too for Stronger than my heart I knew That what is here And now and true Is stronger than Me or You :-)   I hope your are having a beautiful day! Or moments that are!! I am! as today is a day of art and music...
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Vary Good

Hello!  I have been thinking a lot today. I was eating my lunch, visiting with a co-worker and we were talking about people we have both known. One of them, yes, she's bought a house, and rents out the basement, is working..."Oh sounds like she's doing really great!" But, she has lupus. So many variables in life. Since we are all on a journey, we are all facing our own variables. Things that...
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Good Morning Beautiful World!

In all the skies that eye can see Of blue and crystal white I find today in some small way The beauty and delight Of trees in bloom and new birth green Of fancy words for sun lights beam That breathe's its joy into my soul And I am fuller still Good Morning Beautiful World!
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Ahh Recording!!

Hey! Good evening! Well we just put down the guitar tracks for 3 of my new songs! I can say, wow, how great is when you practise as it makes recording so much faster. Really it was a one take and felt so good to finally begin to get these new tunes on their way! I am really excited about this year as I have also started onto a big project that is new for me but full of creating and I just feel...
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Pain the Window

So shiny does the window gleam To all that pass on by But if one takes a deeper look A heart in pain does cry How do you fair? My dear one, friend And how this day,you say? And so to tell you Deep within Love is not far Will not delay And in the chaos of life's steam In  love still stronger gleam      
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