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Little Poppie Seeds..!

Little Poppie Seeds..!

Good morning! I wanted to say that to you! Today, as I will be working on prep. for many new tunes and projects waiting to get off the ground, I am also thinking of the tiny little poppie seeds I planted last fall! They are still tucked under a thin, white blanket of snow, but I know that soon, they will have their chance to bloom!  Like these little seeds, are all the anticipated creations coming your way! I also think of my song I wrote, called “Poppies” from my album Zorobabel, song # 4. When I recorded “Poppies” it was in a studio in Vancouver and the song was changed a bit from what I had written.  I would like to re-do it at some point, like I have written it. I have so many new songs to work through first! However!! Anyways…I hope you are well, so well today.  🙂 for now and this moment, I wish you a Wonderful day!!  Rachel 🙂

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