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Into the Ozone

Into the Ozone

It was that familiar smell. It lingered for only a moment and my mind was propelled back in time. Maybe it was the newly melting snow, moisture mixed with wet earth, transforming in the warm rays of the sun. It filled my head. That in between, foreshadow of warmer days ahead, and the sun’s rays filling my mind with sweet anticipation.  It reminded me of those days growing up in a small town that curled itself around a large lake. The moisture that filled the air and swirled in its sleepy, slow pace. The feeling of a no-where town, where life just carried on. The bittersweet of it. The push and pull of merely existing in the day-to-day and yet a calming peace in the beauty all around. Yes it brought me back and I thought about the mundane and how even it has a beauty to it. Something to embrace, enjoy and anticipate the sun’s warm changes ahead.

I hope your everyday, day’s can be appreciated and that the beauty to be found will reveal itself to each of us!!

I love this day as I am going to be lost in the tunes!!! Have a super day! truly Rachel 🙂

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