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What more can you Ask for?

What more can you Ask for?

I hurriedly wandered down to the business side of town. I was hungry, as I had forgotten to eat something to equal breakfast. I had an appointment to keep and so I did. Stomach growling I entered the building. All was going smoothly after all. Yes, I was on time. The lady had me sit down and began to work through our business appointment. She wasn’t any beauty by any means. She didn’t dress with style either. She welcomed me in and away she went into the meeting. She was on it. Fast and super smart, multi-tasking away. I admired her ability at such an early hour in the morning. “How are you?” she asked as she typed about a million words per minute. “All right”  I said and asked her how she was doing. Her reply stuck with me. “It’s Saturday, and sunny, what more could you ask for?” Right, I thought, really …she’s right. She had that beautiful presence of a grateful spirit. And really, everything after that…well it is a bonus right! Beauty comes in all different forms, and moments and she was one of those.  I thank her for that reminder that every little moment is a blessing and should be appreciated! Well I will be playing music tomorrow, so off to sleep I go! Have a really awesome weekend! truly Rachel 🙂

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