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Out of the Ordinary

Out of the Ordinary

Good morning! How are ya? I am loving this day, as it is a day of music and art for me! Not every day is full of fantasia, but ordinary and full of things I don’t love to do. Serving a cause, helping others to shine, developing a child to achieve success, these all take effort and are not as full of pleasure, mostly work. But it feels great when I can see someone blossom and feel worth in themselves. It becomes a joy to me. I suppose these things create a balance and an appreciation for the music and art that I love so well. I feel that the ordinary things in life, can enhance the music and art that I create, so that it too can mean something to someone else. All of us a community and a means to passing the good vibes on!  Ordinary can become extraordinary, if we are open to it!! Have a beautiful day!!!………….and I mean it!

for now
Rachel 🙂

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