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Month: February 2016

Blue skies, Guitar lullabies!

Good morning! Today is one of those beautiful days when I can get lost in the music!  It is also sunshiney and the snow is a melting!! which is always a bonus!! Anyways...with out further a due..away I go to pick up my guitar and settle in for awhile!! I just wanted to say Good Morning to YOU! Have a beautiful day! for now Rachel :-)
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What more can you Ask for?

I hurriedly wandered down to the business side of town. I was hungry, as I had forgotten to eat something to equal breakfast. I had an appointment to keep and so I did. Stomach growling I entered the building. All was going smoothly after all. Yes, I was on time. The lady had me sit down and began to work through our business appointment. She wasn't any beauty by any means. She didn't dress with...
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Out of the Ordinary

Good morning! How are ya? I am loving this day, as it is a day of music and art for me! Not every day is full of fantasia, but ordinary and full of things I don't love to do. Serving a cause, helping others to shine, developing a child to achieve success, these all take effort and are not as full of pleasure, mostly work. But it feels great when I can see someone blossom and feel worth in...
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Through the Glass

Sing softly, sing so true Sing into the night sky blue Maybe they see you Maybe they won't Rockabye songbird Maybe they don't Sing oh so softly Sing from your soul Sing oh so true Sing into the night sky Blue.
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