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In Small Glows the Embers Bright!

In Small Glows the Embers Bright!

Good morning!

In the hustle and bustle of this Christmas Season, I have discovered that joy is found for me in keeping in time with the rhythm of life. What I mean is, I have found that “the flow” of life, is gentle. I know, not always, but if I just enjoy this time, not rush, rush, rush through the season, I can really find the joy and not hurry past it ! I think too that all this rushing and pressure creates so much fatigue in the season, and really I don’t think it is so good for our health. This can be such a beautiful time! To be able to listen to a child share with you their ideas and feel the blessing they give to you !

Anyways! I don’t mean to ramble, but I love Christmas time and I don’t want the “Grinch” of rush hour to steal the warm glow that Christmas brings 🙂

I am so excited about all the creations we are working towards and then sharing them with you!

I hope your day is full of joy! and a small glow of Christmas embers warm your soul!

for now

Rachel 🙂

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