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Half way here, and in be tween.

Half way here, and in be tween.

Good evening! As I wait for the rice to cook, I just wanted to say a little..hello! 🙂

There are so many options in the arts. So many ways we could go with our new music and also all the creations I am making, but it’s all in measure of balancing the energy that goes out and also the joy in the journey. I guess that is why I like to walk with a bit of thought with all these idea’s floating around in my mind! Sometimes the small things are the funnest. But all that to say, we are also reaching to the heights for our new tunes. We wish to bring you our best!

Troubled sea

Does swirl and toil

It will not rest

It’s twists to spoil

My dress, yet

Calm and still sit I, to

Watch the beauty

Of sunsets sky,

of warm nights evening’s

Soft glow.


for now



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