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Frosty Lands of Sunshine Skies

Frosty Lands of Sunshine Skies

Good morning! I just wanted to say hello for a moment before I begin working on my new tunes. I played the song I wrote for Remembrance Day at the school assembly yesterday.  Being a school assembly the microphone was having some problems, techie stuff, but the song was delivered and the students really responded. I had written the song in mind for them as well as from a deeply grateful heart to the soldiers so brave. The unseen qualities of humanity. Courage, dedication, sacrifice, selflessness, honour, focus on the task at hand, however unpleasant. You know..all those wonderful and valuable unseen gems that some people posses. So!! I will be working on my said delivery of this song for you too hear too!  I will put it up here for your ears!!

Anyways, thank you for spending this moment with me. 🙂

Have a wonderful day!

for now

Rachel 🙂

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