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Month: November 2015

Another weekend in the studio!

Good evening! As the day settle's into night I am so pleased as we have been working diligently on one of our new songs! It is sounding so full and I just love it. It feels great to bring these new creations into being. I really can't wait to release the new material and yet I must wait! Kind of like Christmas and the anticipation of it all!  We are now working on the video :-) Anyways...I hope...
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Mother Nature Dressed all Fine

Here she comes Morning stage reveals How she'll dress For Winter appeal Arms of trees Stretch out in pose OH! Can I have One of those! Laced in diamonds Sparkle and shine Catch the beauty As sun will shine Soon the day will Change in tune And melt the diamonds, for Soon comes the moon.   Have a beautiful day!   I will be working on music today! for now Rachel :-)    
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Half way here, and in be tween.

Good evening! As I wait for the rice to cook, I just wanted to say a little..hello! :-) There are so many options in the arts. So many ways we could go with our new music and also all the creations I am making, but it's all in measure of balancing the energy that goes out and also the joy in the journey. I guess that is why I like to walk with a bit of thought with all these idea's floating...
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All the Little Fairy Lights!

Good morning! Well today is a wonderful day for me as I can really "hunker" down into the music again! I love these days and anticipate all the new creations waiting like fairy lights in my head!! The  snow has now covered land and trees and is postcard perfect! I love the touch of blue and pink in the sun speckled skies and if you notice, the land is covered in sparkling diamonds! But you have...
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First Fruits

One day a farmer planted himself a great lot of seeds. He hummed while he worked. "Hmmmm" The days moved on in the sunlit skies and the birds began to gather to branches first growth.  Little tiny leaves , small and insignificant began to grow. The farmer hummed some more. "Hmmmm". The leaves and fruit grew gently as the seeds emerged into trees! "Oh what do we have here! "The passerby...
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