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Song So Soon!

Song So Soon!

Good afternoon!

How are you?

The other day at work, I was asked to do something for Rememberance Day. I thought to myself well …how about a song? So I went into the staff room with my guitar and pulled out a peice of paper and started writing 🙂 People talking, walking by,….but in 20 minutes ..the Song!

I took the song to the other guitar playing staff member and asked if he would accompany me on it. At a break time we worked on it and it sounds pretty all right! So we will be playing it on Nov. 11 but also, I am going to try to record and put it up for you on my website before November 11! 🙂  I also have a song that is almost finished and we will work on this to get it completed as well!! Yipee !

Anyways…better get on with things, but I wanted to say Hello. Have a great evening!

for now


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