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Mortie and Mertle

Mortie and Mertle

Mortie was sipping his latte’ in the sun one day. His eyes glazed over Mertle as she busily cleaned. Suddenly Mortie shouted to Mertle bending over to pick up a fallen towel , “I’m leaving you Mertle! I want a change!” With that Mortie put his new, clean coffee cup on the counter and walked out.

Mortie was in for adventure! All the world at his command. He took all the credit cards he could find and racked up a debt, bigger than Mortie could understand. He enjoyed his freedom for a time, all the new and exciting changes he received. But the time was short spent and Mortie’s debt caught up to him. He was no longer the man in charge, with such burdens he became weighed down and working like a slave. His treasures soon slipping out of his hands, he found his time was too. Loosing time and money, now Mortie had to find a cheaper dwelling place.  This moved Mortie into a place of crime, where several times he had been attacked.

Mortie’s health grew weak and last seen, Mortie was pushed around near a darkened, and damp street. Mortie recalled his life of comfort and security and thought to himself, “too bad I didn’t realize how good I had it.”

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