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CD’s Live!

CD’s Live!

Good morning!

How’s your morning so far?? a few cups of coffee later and all is well:-) Actually, today is a beautiful and sunny day and also filled with joy for me as I will be working on my new tunes.! Time…that priceless commodity is what my jar is full of today!!

As I was working the other day,  a lady was talking about music, in general, and complaining about the fact that everything now a days was a download. She was wishing that the cd was more readily availble and missed having the object in hand. Of course I was thinking “yeah!” as I have several cd’s waiting to …”fly”!

I would call this some substance to the art! In the end, you do have a peice of the artist.

Good thought for sure! 🙂

I am thrilled with the quiet of this day and the anticipation of sharing more beautiful music with you!!

I hope your day is going well!

for now 🙂


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