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Month: October 2015

Song So Soon!

Good afternoon! How are you? The other day at work, I was asked to do something for Rememberance Day. I thought to myself well about a song? So I went into the staff room with my guitar and pulled out a peice of paper and started writing :-) People talking, walking by,....but in 20 minutes ..the Song! I took the song to the other guitar playing staff member and asked if he would accompany...
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  Pull at the seams and find it's one zipper Pull out the truth But bury it hither Then change the game plan And make things for you to suit all the fancies That one thing you do To kaos not true.  
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It IS a good morning!

:-) We are all happy to see that Patricia's furry did not escalate to a full-blown display of wrath! As I sip a cup of warm coffee I can see the frost has fully covered my yard like a blanket of change.  So many things start with change.. change the tire change the filter change the diaper ... On a lighter note.. I am very happy that we are almost finished with a great new song. It is in the...
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Frost so shine

World of somber Hearts wax cold With dreams of otherlands Laced with gold And hearts ache deep For the loss of kind Sun light bursts Through drapes pulled blind Frost tips twinkle A smile so kind Mixed in sweet melody of love sublime Weave so gently through troubled mind Gently into peace.        
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Great Product!

Good and early morning to you! As I prepare for another day....even though the sky looks like it is night! I am excited as we have been working in the recording studio and creating! I love this latest song we have been working on :-)  It is such a joy, music. Well just wanted to say...Good morning to you :-) Better start my day as I wish you a very good one!  :-) for now Rachel
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