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The Willing Horse, and the Burden

The Willing Horse, and the Burden

“Get movin ye dun varmet of a mule! ” The dirty nasty faced man said as he whipped the mule

with his old rope to head up the steep climb of a hill.

“Huh?” said the horse as his eyes glazed over from the cruel blow.

“Faster! Faster! and here! Carry this too, you wretched vermin!” The dirty faced man said throwing his insults on top of his heavy burden ego.

“Give it to the willing horse” he said and laughed with a selfish, nasty, grovel.

The climb was steep and the nasty man’s cruel words echoed into the valley. Suddenly the whipping, wild rope knocked willing horse off track and it’s hoof stumbled. The load of the burden, ego, and insults fell off the side far, far below….

“Huh?” was all the horse could say.

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