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Wise Owl

Wise Owl

There’s a wise ol’ owl hooting outside my window right now. Thoughts were running through my head and so I decided to talk to you before I tune out, and sleep 🙂

I’ve been thinking about so many things. The journey of life. I can see some  start out well  and then take such a turn. Sometimes from just plain life, sometimes choices. Some can take the journey with dreams and passions  but the road  travelled ends up as a dead end.

I’ve been thinking about the path I am taking, and where I am at right now. For sure the road has not been an easy one, and yet now I am so anticipating the future and have so much to give and life to live. One persons wave is dissipating into the shore, and the other’s is forming into an overture of movement!

In some ways it is a mystery in the way that journies and history times itself. I suppose it will all be easier to see from the future, but  for now!


Looking forward!

Rachel 🙂

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