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Efficient She is..

Efficient She is..

Good morning!! and a good morning it is! Today is a beautiful day as I have time to work on music and create. Beautiful it is. 🙂 This morning I was actually thinking about efficeincy. How the bee hive is perfectly formed to create a perfect hexagon to store the honey that the bees so hardily create. Is this lazy? No. I say this is efficient. I have heard it said that nature moves in the easiest manner when re-creating. I disagree. Is nature lazy? I say nature is efficient. Even energy is not wasted.

If I think about this and personalize it, I find a hidden truth. Efficiency is not neglect or careless, it is not lazy, it is clever. Nature finds ways to adapt an environment, to make the best solution, like for example the bee hive, by working with the shapes that create the most space, and make for the strongest structures. Nature is frugal, but not neglecting. If a situation creates itself, it is solved efficiently.

Personalizing this hidden truth, I can use my time efficiently, I can store energy, create, not waste and build strong creations, like strong songs, paintings, ect. with my time. To be efficient is to learn from nature. To be efficient, no, not lazy.

I hope you are having a wonderful day!

Know that I truly appreciate you 🙂

for now

Rachel 🙂

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