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Overlapping melodies

Overlapping melodies

Good evening 🙂

As I get some cinnamon buns cooking, I am working also on my next tune. It is a song with a beat that I worked around the lyrics. The lyrics are not my own, but to encourage a fellow, I bought them from him and put them to song. You can feel the different beat as his words form them. It was a great deal of fun to just get the feel for his song via. words. I haven’t really ever met him before and he is from a different country, so all of this made it a real fun challenge.

We’ve sent the song that I have been working on to a great sax player! It’s more of an energy sound and he’s looking forward to putting his sound on it as well!

Well…better check the oven, and then pick up my guitar!

have a beautiful evening 🙂


Rachel 🙂

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