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Month: September 2015

Fall and yet the Leaves stay

Good afternoon! Wow, such a beautiful day and only half over!! To each new season it takes a bit of change and adjustment, but it is all in the learning, and my curiousity cannot be quenched. I am learning..learning..learning. It feels good. I think it takes a bit of shifting and sorting through new ways to bring out the music, economically, yet worthy. Technology is a great friend when I learn...
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From Trauma to Opportunity

Good evening :-) Firstly, thank you so much for sharing this time with me. It means a great deal. I have to share something with you because,  maybe it can encourage you too on your journey. I have been working in an enviornment that has at times been a real challenge to me as an artist. It is great to be able to feel things so deeply, but it can also leave you fragile at times. I have learned...
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The Willing Horse, and the Burden

"Get movin ye dun varmet of a mule! " The dirty nasty faced man said as he whipped the mule with his old rope to head up the steep climb of a hill. "Huh?" said the horse as his eyes glazed over from the cruel blow. "Faster! Faster! and here! Carry this too, you wretched vermin!" The dirty faced man said throwing his insults on top of his heavy burden ego. "Give it to the willing horse" he said...
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Oh how they blow

A sailer sails the roughed sea. He thinks the winds do blow. Can onward he keep sailing? Ho! And onward does he go? Strong winds they turn and so he knows Turn sails, turn sails Then go.  
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