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The Case of the Six Eyed Tree

The Case of the Six Eyed Tree

It was a lovely evening. Calm air, skies painted with a brush of pink and grey as the sun waved goodnight. The dogs were happy to jump and play and walk into the night breeze. Sleep will be sweet, I thought as I climbed into bed.

Just as I began to enter in-between land, where sleep and dreams mix, with reality, the dogs began to bark! And bark! and Bark!

What is going on? I thought and after a time of this serenade we reluctantly went to go see what was the matter?

It was dark and all that could be seen were the dogs barking in such a ferocious manner, I knew something was there.

I turned on the flashlight and scoped the area.

As I looked for a short time I caught the reflection of a set of eyes, gleaming in the bush. “Aha! I found something!”  I said.  We followed the eyes as they moved farther back into the bush and then saw the outline of black ears silhouetted by a large tree. “Hey! It’s a bear!” I said. “And look, he’s trying to climb the tree!” I took my flashlight and ran it up the tree and guess what! There were two more sets of eyes wayyyyy up the tree!

It took some time for the three bears to shimmy and crackle their way back down the tree and finally disappear into the night. Sighhhh.

And all was well.

Only thing lost was a little sleep..



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