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So Compelling

So Compelling

Good evening! How are You?

As I was waiting in town the other day, I decided to waste a little time and went into a second hand store. I looked around and as I was browsing my eyes fell across a painting on the floor. It drew me. I went over to look at it and then started to walk away, but came back again to it. I looked at the back and it said $3.00. Okay, the price was right and what did I have to loose? I bought the painting and headed for home.

The painter’s name is R. Turnbull. It is a scene of a historical place and was painted in 1975. I looked up the artists name on Google and found that he is quite established. What a find!

I love the painting and hung it up in my living room.

I guess that is the way with art. Art that compells. There is just something more to it.

As we excitedly work on the next tune, I am feeling the compelling mood of this next tune. It just draws you too!


have a really great evening 🙂

for now

Rachel 🙂

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