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It’s a Garden Party

It’s a Garden Party

“Are you going?”

“I don’t really want to go…”

“You should go.”

I wrapped my warm, fresh from the oven brownies onto a disposable plate and set them in the car. The road lead to a small community of ranchers and cowboys, people with big gardens and carefree attitudes. I walked up to the table and put down my dessert.” Sure hope they like them”, I thought as I set the brownies down.

“Hello!” I said to a table full of strangers.

As we got familiarized with one another and the brownies dissapeared I began to find treasures of wisdom in this group of ladies. The lady to my right sat there, short hair, plain clothes, no make-up and a mannish face. She was completely comfortable with herself. She lived in a community of friends. None of these ladies were striving to “be” they were simply living. They talked about their gardens, and the old days when everyone would get together and share a meal.

What impressed me so much was the absence of stress. They were just living life, enjoying the fruits of their labors and being together.

As I drove home, feeling “lighter” somehow. The country road winding to a peaceful drive back home.

I thought about this Garden Party, how the balance between attaining one’s goals and living life in a full capacity can easily be tipped to a negative balance.  How easy it is to loose the joy in life, these gifts we have are better played out in the journey with an impecable timing. Like dessert. Why would I gulp it down, instead I think I will savor the experience.

Have a beautiful day!

for now

Rachel 🙂

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