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Tones that Blend

Tones that Blend

Good evening 🙂

As I wind down from a great week of organizing songs and writing new I took the time off to watch some amazing video footage. Master musicians sharing their expertise and historical stories. It is so great to hear how sound waves come in 4 forms and the vibrations can do many things…even cook if at the proper frequencies. I loved listening to all the great information.

Went also to Alvin Taylors interview and how many top of the world artists he has worked with, albums that have gone platinum and gold…drummed for Jimi Hendrix, George Harrison, Cher, Elton John..the list just goes on and on. Here Alvin is in Palm Springs, a superstar.

Alvin working on my song Via Dolorosa was one of those really great moments for me. Technology has brought two tones together that blend. It is a wonder. Working with Alvin was also a real joy. Great as he is and yet such a wonderful person.

So from a far distance something could be created, something of beauty, and so also from a far distance love could be felt and the heart deeply moved.

It is all such a wonder sometimes.

Music is so far transcending.

Have a really wonderful evening 🙂

for now

Rachel 🙂


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