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The Bull outside my Gate

The Bull outside my Gate

Good morning!

As I get ready for a day of working on my next song , I just wanted to say a GREAT morning to you!

This next song is a love song. I think you’ll really enjoy the feel. So…it’s time for me to get into it!


yesterday, a big ol’ cream colored bull was right outside my gate munching away at the grass. I couldn’t resist walking up that way, even though the gate’s not all that strong. There he was looking me right in the eye. No fear with him. He looked ready to charge me at any given movement. He was after all protecting the rest of the cows. It’s that adrenaline of fear and curiosity that compelled me. I couldn’t resist. So I kept walking closer, me and him, eye to eye. He still didn’t look any less scary.

He was obviously way bigger than me and ready to charge. The bull outside my gate.

There are life obstacles like this bull. Big and unmoving, full of aggression and self direction.

So I stood eye to eye with the bull and moved closer still, and his big weighted body jilted and moved slowly on.

Have a beautiful day!!

Now to the music 🙂


I went for a walk thinking the cows had moved on ,  but ended up with a big black bull chasing me down the dirt road…I went to the thicket to get away!! any ways….there you have it!…….be wise… 🙂

for now

Rachel 🙂


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