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Sojourner’s Sleepless Night

Sojourner’s Sleepless Night

The friends had travelled on and the night set in. It was a clear sky but Sojourner could not sleep. Try as one might try to, tossing and turning came to not.

Sojourner sat up and stared at the big black sky speckled as if by diamonds. As Sojourner stared thoughtfully upwards a crunching of pebbles could be heard just around the rock the sleepless traveler leaned upon. It was unexpected and the noise interrupted Sojourner’s weary thoughts. Daring not to speak but waiting in anticipation for the stranger to appear all one could do was stare into the night. Suddenly a figure appeared. The stranger moved with grace and dignity and seemed to know the frightened eyes peering into theirs.

“I have found you, good.” The stranger spoke as if sure of his finding before finding.

“Who be you?” Sojourner stammered into the bearded face. “I be me Sojourner.” “You know me?” Was the reply of the peering face making out the one approaching. “Ahhh, why are you here, do you know Sojourner?” “I am here to find my way” “You are here, Sojourner to free your gift, and so be it. Stand here on this mountain top, breathe in the air, and sing. It is your freedom. So be it.”

And as quickly as the stranger did appear, so quickly was seen only a glimpse of wool flapping around the narrow turn of the rocky corner.

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