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To catch a Wave

To catch a Wave

Good evening! Just wanted to talk to you for a little bit.

The weather is grey mixed with rain..all seems silent, and yet so much is happening that I cannot see. So say a dayΒ is full of troubles, it can alter one’s outlook on things. But I was thinking today about Einstein’s my words he was saying you can catch a wave that is positive energy and become all that you want to with it.Β  There is definitely science and faith mixed together. They co-exist. These waves of energy intermingled with Divine, or just waves in the mind that process energy, be it positive thoughts or negative ones.

But I choose to catch a good wave πŸ™‚ An energy so mighty that I will feel the joy of it. Yup. It just takes a little faith… πŸ™‚

Looking forward to working on the next few tunes. Completely different styles they are.

May you have a beautiful evening πŸ™‚

for now


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