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Sojourner…Sojourner…where have ye been?

Sojourner…Sojourner…where have ye been?

Sojourner…Sojourner..where have ye been? Have ye been to answer the Quee..

The winds were blowing strong as the traveler carried on. Perhaps it is all so foolish..this path, the traveler thought, for it was a dark and misty day that one could only see shortly. Having no food and little water the Sojourner decided to sit for a spell.

It was not by chance that a few fellows too were walking at a perhaps quick pace. They at first did not see the wearied traveler there but Sojourner heard and saw their moving forms. “Hello!” It was so good to see someone, here at such a height. In fact they too understood the paths course and were at once friendly. “Hello back to you!”  They all sat for a small time, shared their food and conversation. It was a short interchange but oh so valued by the traveler. The food and friendship shared by all only strengthened what was weary and the very next day, the path was oh so much clearer, the sky oh so much cheerer, and on the traveler went.

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