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The flow of the brush

The flow of the brush

Good morning! Today is just the kind of day you want to stay home, curl up with a warm cup of coffee and create something. Rainy days are okay with me.  Yesterday, I started a new painting. One I have wanted to paint for a little while. I am using oils and the feeling of oils is pleasure all in itself. The subject matter are people. I love to paint people, especially. Everyone has their own way of moving, standing..

I know they say most of speech is done with out words, only body language and if you observe people, this is true. It is also interesting when people are saying one thing, but you know by their body expressions they are actually saying something else! So you watch the story, they come up with unfold before your very eyes! I used to know someone who was a sociopath. I had to work around them and the challenge was to always find where the truth was from what they were saying. You really had to concentrate to find it! The whole idea of truth is a big subject all in itself, but I believe truth is like a musical note. When you hit an off one, you can hear it, and when you hit a complimentary note, you hear it!  Musically, there can be many notes that are the complimentary notes, and so truth, has many sides to it. It is still true. And like a diamond, the core of truth will always be the core. It is just where shadows are cast that we will see a ray of brilliance.

Well…enough rambling!

I wish you a great day today, regardless of the weather, and hey,  you can play one of my songs and know that I made them with love. 🙂


and for now


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