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Shy Little Maple

Shy Little Maple

Good morning!

Oh today the sun doth shine! It is a welcome morning for a Saturday and I am encouraging the leaves on the maple trees to go ahead and show us your stuff!

I love days like today, where I can pour into the arts or sit with my coffee and think. This is where an artist finds the sparkles!

I was just reading an article about the new movies coming out with Disney. I was reading mostly about the fellow who was writing the music for the upcoming shows. What a great job. To be able to spend the day creating and with purpose. How the blueprint is laid for each artist. Some succeed, some starve. Some find life is always competing with the world of creating. Heavy burdens on the backs of the creative, yet creation is necessary. Creative people find their strength in creating. It is almost like nature, the little maple leaves are going to display their beauty in due time. 🙂

Have a wonderful Saturday and hope you get to take a little time to enjoy the moments!



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