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More than a Tweet!

More than a Tweet!

Good evening!

As my friends the birds come back to visit me, their presence feels like an old friend and something new!

Lately one of my greatest pleasures has been to work with some amazing musicians. The collaborations are working out so well and the pieces that we are putting together to create these songs is really like a present that even I don’t really open until it is completed. (It’s hard for me to wait!)

Time does not wait… Time…that property of  earth,  revolving around, is always passing, taking it’s laps one more round again.  It brings those birds that come to my window to say Hello, every Spring to sing their song so sweetly.

Who’s to say to a bird, you cannot sing …but a bird CAN sing…even though it’s sweet sound is a sound I wait for through the winter till finally the Spring.

Looking so forward to creations ahead!

have a good sleep!

for now


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