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What Do You See?

What Do You See?

Good evening! Well slash, mid/afternoon…

I was missing you and so, I wanted to say a little hello.  🙂

I was talking with an artist the other day, one that I have known for some time. She is a painter. She has done nothing else but paint. I have watched her paintings grow to mastery. As we were visiting, the snow on the flower bank could be seen, slowly melting away. The browns of early spring before the growth are everywhere. She commented on the beauty of this time of year. I thought about it and she said, “I used to think it was so ugly, the early Spring, but now I find it so beautiful. I have been taking many pictures to paint.

I thought about this and found something wonderful in it all. What used to be only seen as ugly, when studied and painted a new discovery came about, that it was not ugly and dreary, but actually very beautiful. And her paintings are, just that. Simple landscapes in the monotones of early Spring .

Perhaps that’s how discovery is. The more we can explore past our biases, the more beauty we find and beauty in itself sometimes needs to be discovered. 🙂

Anyways…I hope the rest of your day is restoring and peaceful.

for now



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